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Prayerful sin of Church
Автор: Саша Акимов      Дата: 11.10.2016 10:09

     What does pray assiduously (istovo in Russian language) mean? The standard interpretation is clear. But other one has become available to me. For me assiduously means to pray as an Ist. On a sign from the book, sacred for me, the ist is my "god". But it is impossible to call Ist God in the general meaning. I have asked the book and an ist how to express him in a single word, and there was an answer in the book randomly specified by my finger. This word was "think". Not the thought, but the thought in action - to think. From here I say that it is necessary not to pray assiduously, but to think of something assiduously.
     The sin that forces to pray is a sin of division from ancient "divide and dominate", I will add: dominate with the dirty power. Prayer is only part of a thought, of a very small thought. Calling for a prayer, the church disaccustoms us to think independently.
     One of the sins of the Church is a sin, discharged of the World, knowledge of good and evil.
     Thereby this sin of the "first" sort is aggravated. In this sin there is a division, division into the good and evil. From what it turns out that it is a sin not of the first, and not of second sort as at first there was a division into the good and evil - a sin of the first sort, then coercion to their knowledge as all on - God's, - a sin of the second sort, taste of apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil - a sin of the third sort, and the fourth - a fate, but not a sin of the fourth sort, knowledge of good and evil by the first people. The church doesn't encourage overcoming the third as it preaches division and knowledge of the divided at least good and evil and other divisions. Living separately, "unchurched" evil only gets stronger, and also at the expense of the sins of the unjust, consecrated, supported by church, authority. They say: "Save yourself", but tell this not to the Whole, only to the part of believers, neglecting integrity of the general (collective) Soul. Perception of the whole is necessary: both good and evil and another. "God" is the whole. And if not God is in quotes, then Whole is Whole. Initially the sin of division lies on the one who has created him, on God if only God in interpretation of Church isn't his best pupil - traitor (forgive for a pun). The church turns us to a prayer, but not to overcoming divisions. Upon precept of Church each of us being born, "bites off" from the famous apple again and again and wanders in knowledge of the evil of the present authorities and secular and others.
     How quickly have humble, yet necessary for everyone, money conquered the world, and how for the millennia, apparently not necessary to us in daily occurrence the religious idea hasn’t triumphed. The idea, not essential, far from kinds and surnames, has not become such close, essential and clear as paper notes.
     "God" of Ist says that He - incarnate knowledge even such hard as knowledge of good and evil, and, moreover, the knowledge developing into overcoming the evil that isn't sinful.
     God? whether (not a devil) from the Church's lips says that a mankind's sin is knowledge (remember medieval inquisition), namely, knowledge of good and evil. When rather a sin can be called an act of Adam who has tasted the famous apple and the first manifestation of his understanding of good and evil in harmless shyness before God in the nakedness.
     The subsequent knowledge of good and evil is sinful only in the acts increasing the evil and it's rather purgatorial for people, I hope that They will overcome the evil.
     And there it's time to tell how in a one single word have the book and an ist answered my question: how to describe God. "God" in a single word is "moustaches". As the moustaches and the beards differentiate priesthood and simple people. So a prayerful sin of Church is in the division introduced by It where there is a division (division of the "saved" one soul and the general soul) look for signs of the power creating it. And, until there is no parable about the righteous power, any power and, furthermore bearing division, is sinful. But only one word "power" is not enough, it is more correct to speak about the power of division as about sinful and the authorities of association as about righteous. It is possible to speak about the power of association as about partially and from time to time met in the history, but because of the incompleteness of her character it is impossible to recognize it as completely righteous. (These, written down in haste, thoughts can be challenged, what is even better for the clarification of the truth. And in addition to written it is possible to read my article about relationship signs with an ist. It's in my works named "I am Relativist relativ ist".)
     All that I've written, the truth; if to okat' (Pronounce sound O in Russian), then truly, how? - Truly, whose? - Truly, means ist has shown his authorship. (the author of ist) I will tell as in age: Ya blo ko (apple) - I am not blo, I am a bla (a bladarnost, bla - Go - darnost (gratitude)) (blo - oblo, ozorno, stozevo, the evil and the zla-zlak) (ko from a komen - ne men', not soft, a stone, ko or not)
     Preservation of soul
     Sasha Akimov 610
     It is necessary to remember that one soul can't exist as it is the sum of those souls which have influenced its formation here, and which are "not" here. It is necessary to speak about participation to the general soul or "loneliness" - dispassionateness from the general soul. The continuation of this idea shall be the principle of salvation of the general soul divided into all people. But people by the naivety until a certain age think or want to think of salvation of only one soul, not whole, but only a part. Such terrible approach in one soul is also indulged by church. And that's why the soul becomes deaf. It's clear that not division of people in God, and division (by church) out of him(separation (of a person) from Him). When you save yourself alone, you show dislike for others. At the same time the person keeps the sting in soul turned to the Son or the Virgin as he prays to work to Them Him for himself to save from a meeting with sinful. "Attendants" of God indulge soul in her laziness (to meet sinful). That's why she doesn't try to connect to the whole: at least with souls of children, grandsons and those who surround her. She needs to help herself and them to overcome sinful, to touch the spiritualizing unity, still, the world. On the other hand, it is possible to say that thereby we please "the enemy of Russia, the empire, the USSR and present Russia" dividing people of experience with their descendants. As we all should escape the burning ship together, so in life soul will escape together with soulmates from a circle her communication .
     Monks, in my opinion, are those who left the general Soul of the World, strengthened in the division spread by fathers of church. As those who praise the anti-christian seed of governors (as God's "anointed sovereigns") need followers.
     Purification from a sin by a secret repentance at a confession doesn't make room for communication and mutual purification from a sin that would ennoble a circle of contacts, the world. Not to forgive (to forgive-forget) trespassing, but to make a start from them in communication. And if to do it frequently, then by all means with a joke or with something stronger.
     I will digress a bit from the set direction. I will consider signs of ancestors which I have accepted. When I want to get the answer to my question from them, I resort to signs from them which have informative, substantial character, coincide with a subject of a question and give an impetus of their answer, surely positive interpretation. That means existence of communication of our souls and pithiness of their life in the next world for me.
     I am Relativist relativ ist
     Sasha Akimov 610
     I had a a sign that temporarily (so far I can address) temporarily my god is called "ist". My belief on a sign is concluded in one word "continue" or "pro-dol-zhit'" (where dol - a basis, the earth, a hem, the valley, a share, an idol) zhit' (to live) about a basis, to continue life about a basis in all the best. On a sign I related to an ist that consists in the word "relativ".
     I am relativist - a relativist. God's relative as him I call ist/ist isty, ne-ist-ovyi (violent) so far, to pray devoutly (istovo), ch-ist, ch-ist-iy (clean), a-ist (stork, a bird of a happy family), ist-ina (truth), ist-oriya (history), ist-ok (a source), ist-ý(to be), he is, "it is" or "er ist"; as Germans had spoken about the father, the forefather at first, and then about the third party, and "she, it is" is "ist" too. Ist or to be, a nature, is natural. The ist also ends the words "financier, expert and others".
     I didn't think up of the personal service that is a religious practice and it is simpler for me to trust and to be sure of correctness of belief. Here it is so shortly and in a competitive manner I am giving forgotten old, rather initial.
     Do they need an old one? (joke)
     Sasha Akimov 610
     God says to His Son:
     - Why didn't you give a parable about the righteous governor(about the righteous power) to apostles?
     How people can live without it for 2000 years?
     - Forgot! But you and... didn't tell Moses...
     (Father aside)
     - Who won't forget?...
     Then encouraging was heard...
     - Call the old one... sus*ik!
     It is pledged in each person: non-obedience to the unknown.
     From here the careful father shall explain to the son that he didn't give himself to the power of the one whom he doesn't know and moreover to the power of the one who doesn't know him. It's very bad and shameful, when we only see a wrapper of a publicity move of the authorities and we don't know their actual intentions, we can't check their sincerity in open communication, and they don't want to recognize each of us.
     If each of us is an image, then the power of one image over another, can't be more power of another over the first.
     What or who shall rule then?
     The thought or council shall, but not bureaucratic body as in case of Bolsheviks.
     Since birth of a person he is conducted by the thought arising in his brain.
     It is necessary to manage not people, but events...
     I asked how should I personally and temporarily call my god, the Russian god, and maybe not only? The answer is: ist. From here, I am devout, and there are many violent. The Ist is both in German and in other languages. There are words with this part, for example, chistyi (clean), a christ and so on...
     © Copyright: Sasha Akimov 610, 2016
     Certificate on the publication No. 216091800166

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