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The fifth authority - science?
Автор: Саша Акимов      Дата: 11.10.2016 10:10

     I suggest considering the enclosed file in essence, I will add that I think of myself as of the witness of impact on a brain, the carrier of particles of influence on a brain - the walking proof. I ask to make science of researches, dangerous to the specific person, open and under control of the society (the state doesn't expatiate on a race of these arms), it is also necessary to look for the people who consider themselves victims and to help them. I don't want to hide that I'm 2 category disabled connected to acoustical hallucinations. From what comes the request, to help me and the same as I to set technogenic character of an origin of hallucinations as in their basis, in my opinion, there is a firing of the head by the particles capable to work after localization in a skull and, perhaps, in a brain as the cell phone when I hear voices and operators (voices) hear in real time my thoughts, understand and read what I see.
     The fifth authority - science?
     Sasha Akimov 610
     Our distressful Constitution needs the amendment which establishes the new authority under the name Science.
     If only scientific jurists in a judicial cloak are considered the authority (judicial), then it is noticeable a little. These scientists don't make discoveries which significantly would change their life of people. Whereas specializing, for example, in the separate directions of human brain studies, lets us achieve controllability of the person remotely from the outside. Thereby those who are directly above over such scientists and developers of appropriate technologies turn not into the fifth, but into the unique power, and it occurs without the knowledge of people.
     While understanding it, it is necessary to ennoble a role of scientists from the level of a dumb appendage (in the conditions of the misunderstood privacy) the authorities (a time artful) to the position protected by society. But it must be a mutual protection, full communication with proper informing on what is useful for the person from new, and what is dangerous, that control of this dangerous should be applied. At the same time it is necessary to notice that there has never been a question of what researches should be stopped or controlled through institutes of civil society. And if in the international relations leaders of Russia declare need of multi-polarity of the world, then in modern Russian society it is necessary (proceeding from a jewelry of the worlds-faces human), including for control of scientific research where the modern backward pyramid of the power isn't applicable and harmful.
     Imagine for a moment that someone manages to brainwash the President of Russia, with implementation of smart management of him! Whether it will be noticed it, whether his modern colleagues will have desire to notice it, whether there will be any advantage?
     It is possible to state the assumption-guess of why Lyudmila Putina was left by her husband when she was engrossed at the nation-wide level in monitoring the study of a human brain? Wasn't it similar to the effect of the Russian gift presented to one of the governors of Japan when they refused to accept a dog in view of the fact that it was the espionage device transferring most likely to the donator the visual and acoustical information obtained by a dog about the donee. And one more interesting fact: in many convicts or still only prisoners don't choose a so-called looking or the head as its it is easier "to cut down" one, they guessed to leave "heads" of many, without placing emphasis on a personnel, and only on justice of the introduced idea.
     Let the science belonging to the scientific intellectuals be the fifth authority in Russia, after media of course. Even now it is possible to foresee that this authority will have the greatest power among the authorities. It is necessary to develop legal aspects of its implementation, with preserving freedom of forming opinions belonging to the scientists.
     But one thing is clear, it is necessary to protect it more than the President and already now, provide its independence of installations, unreasoned and frankly dangerous to society.
     These installations can happen from rich persons, from imperceptibly remained institutes having their own beginning, planning of scientific activities and its curators (terrible people) from Stalin GULAG.
     Support my ideas, dear readers and fellow citizens! Yet, may be these ideas are already out of date?..

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