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Hopeless ending
Автор: Артур Фролов      Дата: 07.02.2019 17:35
Chess teach to think honest © E.Lasker

     January 11, 1941 the great mathematician, philosopher, thinker, intellectual, second World chess champion Emanuel Lasker died. Co-author of the theorem Noether died of starvation. Grateful humanity showed its attitude to its cleverest representatives, on this planet, not those who work with their head, or even those who work with their hands, but those who roll a ball with their feets on the green grass, have success. And this is absolutely no coincidence. We, representatives of the chess community, have long had to take these sad circumstances in mind, but we are slow, and slow so much that one hundred years after Lasker, death by starvation threatens the world chess champions again.
      The entire twentieth century chess was considered an intellectual game, art, science and sport, but in fact it is a narrow branch of mathematics, game theory - one of the final discrete step-by-step strategies. There are an infinite number of such games, and, with the advent of computing (which do such algorithmic tasks in the best way), modern chess has begun its rapid fall. Against the background of a general intellectual degradation, the “game of the gods” beats all records, and the mere fact that chess has nothing to have with intelligence, somehow saves them, as a branch of human activity. Nowadays, people-calculators and people-memorizers have completely supplanted those who were able to think independently. Success is a rogue people who use the tips of computers and manipulate with the results of tournaments. By the way, the chess community does not fight with them, perhaps because it is too late, and any struggle is useless, because more and more new technological methods of prompting and cheating are developing.
      Any entity that does not want to evolve is doomed to extinction. For 25 years (from my leaving chess and returning to them), interest in chess has fallen in 20 times, if measured in monetary terms, even the FIDE worldwide organization has turned into a small office, which is about to go bankrupt, and announce its liquidation, perhaps, to the universal relief of all who, by inertia, still live in chess, or are going to live with them.
      Think about it - for 250 years people play one chess position, and they are completely unaware that the usefulness resource for humanity of this branch of mathematics has long been exhausted. Chess is no longer teach to think honestly, they are not teach to think at all in any way, they teach to kill life for stubborn and useless activities of memorizing arrays of useless information and making meaningless calculations. Such is the bitter truth.
      Many of those who will read this note, twist at the temple in the context of "what's the difference, what to do," "we are well fed here." But I address this text to those who are still able to think honestly - if we do not start evolving, then we will disappear (with all our great novelties, combinations, openings, etudes and sporting feats).
      And there is much to evolve. Only the mechanism of the game of Frolov (starting from an empty board with a game in two stages, exposing the pieces and the subsequent regular game) will provide chess with life for another five hundred years. Leaving the basic set of primary elements and their properties, for the purpose of the game that does not match its means (that is, checkmate against material factors), real chess, and not one of the chess positions, can quite easily evolve to the quantitative side, expanding the dimension of the board and the number of pieces from the opposing sides. It is quite possible to do this right up to a conventionally infinite-sized board, and even more so no one should be surprised by such a format - a board 13 on 9 with 13 pawns, a king, 3 three rooks, two queens, three bishops and four knights at the start of each opponent.
      The task of the intellect is to expand the horizons of thinking, perception, possibilities and fantasy while simultaneously searching for the truth. It is thanks to this property that homo sapiens have become what they have become.
      However, in order to start such a large-scale struggle for survival, the chess community needs to establish an elementary order within itself - to defeat all forms of cheating, as a phenomenon, to replace Elo's flat formula, which preserves degradation, with a more adequate one (and examples of rating systems, say logarithmic, there are) to build the correct structure of the world organization, abandoning parasitic structures in favor of actually functioning on the basis of logic and physics.
      This note is the manifest of all the few who are willing to fight for the survival of a wise game. If we will become persistent, then those who want to finance development and the search for truth, those who in the past decades have refused to invest in favor of cheating and degradation, will join us.

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