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Evolution and chess named after me
Автор: Артур Фролов      Дата: 23.04.2019 20:38
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Evolution and chess named after me      On April 28, FIDE issued off the Fisher World Chess Championship, having previously recognized Fisher's chess as another version of chess. As they could say, this is a small step for FIDE, but a big leap for all of humanity! The fact is that it was absolutely obvious that the organic problem of the game itself is that during the whole period of the chess existence the same starting position is played nowhere, of which there may be 10 in the 32nd degree! Such self-restraint led to the fact that a huge reservoir of theoretically possible chess positions does not have any practical chances to meet in a real game of ordinary chess, and the priority in preparation and the key to the result was memorization of long theoretical options, invented not by the chess player himself, but by someone else ( in modern times - by computer). And, as a result, and connivance, the penetration into the sports competitions of cheaters who use computer hints during the game has finally finished interest to chess as an intellectual sport. FIDE has taken a step towards evolution under the threat of its own extinction. I hope that the day will come when Frolov’s chess will be another step for survival, and FIDE will be recognized, with all the ensuing consequences.
      If you look at it objectively, then there is no Frolov chess, but there is a mechanism that I disovered for the class of final step-by-step discrete strategic martial arts, which is that the game starts from an empty board, and in the first act of the game the opponents alternate their pieces on the free points, and then they play the usual game. Such a mechanism is applicable for chess, shogi, checkers, even for playing Chapaev! The brilliant World Chess Champion Robert Fisher once asked me to add his chess to my chess server so that chess players from all over the world could play through the Internet not only in regular chess, but also in his version. For two months I was developing, and at the same time I thought about which mechanism would make the game of chess material (board 8 for 8 and 32 pieces) the most common one possible. In fact, I did not invent chess named after me, I discovered them, as physicists discover the laws of nature. Now it remains only for this discovery to recognize grateful
      As a result, we get a family of games, one of the special cases of the implementation of the Frolov mechanism is ordinary chess, and the other 960th implementations of the opponents' game at the start (layouts) are Fisher chess. At the moment, it is already possible to present the classification of chess according to the degree of freedom in the following form:
      Chess 0.0 - ordinary chess
      Chess 0.{0-960} - Fisher chess (note that one of the special cases of Fisher chess is regular chess, and each of the arrangements may have its own index),
      Chess 1.{0} - Frolov's chess, where pawns are placed up to the 4th rank, there are no castling, same-color bishops are possible, check and checkmate king are possible, and this game has a calmer special case:
      Chess 1.{1} - Frolov's chess, when both pieces and pawns are placed up to the 4th (5th for black) horizontal lines,
      Chess 2.{0} - the most common of games, when pawns are placed from 1st to 7th (from 8th to 2nd for black) horizons, all types of castling are possible (including vertical), and so, more than this version for a given space format and the material is nothing "invent" impossible.
      Thinking of homo sapiens is not so much fantasy, emotions and wishes, but for the most part - knowledge of things, including artificially created. Chess is a narrow branch of mathematics, and all the methods of logic are applicable to them, as a subject of research, in particular the methods of generalization, synthesis and analysis.

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